OPEXEngine SaaS Conversations – Meet the Benchmarking Experts

Hear from top experts in SaaS finance, performance benchmarking, software, and go-to-market efficiency. OPEXEngine’s CEO, Lauren Kelley, and seasoned go-to-market operator, former CMO, and Expert Partner at Bain & Company, Kunal Mehta, answer your toughest SaaS GTM questions and learn how benchmarking helps top SaaS/software companies, as well as investors, achieve their goals.

OPEXEngine SaaS Conversations – Dynamic Planning for SaaS Finance Leaders

For high-performing SaaS companies, dynamic planning is increasingly commonplace.  Industry studies show that benchmarking increases company value by 12-15% and can improve EBITDA anywhere between 20- 30% in a 3-year time frame.  Performance benchmarking plays a key role in helping inform updates to strategies, plans, budgets, and scorecards.  In this webinar, we explore best practices in dynamic planning.  OPEXEngine CEO Lauren Kelley leads a discussion with two accomplished SaaS CFOs – Evan Meagher of CoreWeave and Brian Weisberg of Tidelift – on current operating plans and how benchmarking reduces risk.

SaaS Metrics-Based Planning Webinar

OPEXEngine CEO and Founder Lauren Kelley hosted Drivetrain CEO Alok Goel and Whatfix Senior Finance Director Amit Sharma to discuss SaaS Metrics-Based Planning.  This informative hour-long conversation covered key topics, ranging from what investors are looking for to how many metrics to track and everything in between.

Use Benchmarks to Build a Better Go-to-Market (GTM) Playbook

In our November SaaS Conversations, Lauren along with her two special guests, Kunal Mehta and Susan Scutt, discussed what are the stages for an investor in the lifecycle of a deal, from the lens of using benchmarks.

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Performance Benchmarking Meets R&D

In our August SaaS Conversations, Lauren and Rob Levy addressed the power of benchmarking to ensure maximum value from your R&D investments.

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Understanding CAC for B2B Vendors

In our May SaaS Conversations, Lauren, Ben Murray, and Eric Stephenson addressed how to define, calculate, and measure CAC for different models, and how to align business partners and executive team on CAC (and CLV/CAC) targets. For a copy of the webinar’s presentation, please click here.

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Understanding the ROI of R&D

In our second March SaaS Conversations, Lauren and Andrew addressed how to measure the work of engineering, communicate its value, and deliver business results. For a copy of the webinar’s presentation, please click here.

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Global Expansion & Operational Issues

Lauren Kelley and her guest, Daniëlle Keeven, VP of Finance at Paddle, discussed key operational issues SaaS companies face with international expansion and the requirements of a strategic level planning of international targeting.

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SaaS COGs – What’s In, What’s Out? 2.0

Watch our CEO and Founder, Lauren Kelley discussing the topic of SaaS COGs with Todd Gardner, former CEO & Founder of SaaS Capital, and Eric Mersch, Equity Partner at FLG Partners. Our two expert guest speakers, Todd Gardner, former CEO & Founder of SaaS Capital, and Eric Mersch, Equity Partner of FLG Partners, shared their perspectives on why COGs matter, dissected the nuances between direct versus indirect costs and highlighted the grey area expenses that are unique to each individual SaaS company.

Consumption-based Pricing

Watch Lauren Kelley and her two special guests Anitha Gopalan, CFO of Fireblocks, and Chris Mele, Managing Partner of Software Pricing Partners, provided terrific insights based on defining, adopting, and compensating under a consumption-based pricing model.

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Best Practices to Improve Recurring Revenue Forecasting

Watch Lauren Kelley, CEO of OPEXEngine, as she is joined with her two guest speakers – Ted Serentelos, CEO of revVana, and Kevin O’Connor, CFO of Acuant. Each speaker shared a few of their experiences with recurring revenue forecasting and revenue models.

SaaS Benchmarking & Revenue Growth Metrics

Watch Lauren Kelley, OPEXEngine CEO, and her two guest speakers, Josh Horstmann of SBI and Rebecca Morrison of Lola.com, share a few of their experiences with benchmarking and revenue metrics.

How to Better Analyze and Manage R&D ROI

Finance leaders often feel that it’s challenging to find a good framework for analyzing R&D ROI. Many of the established R&D metrics measure activity but not ROI. OPEXEngine CEO Lauren Kelley discussed this topic with guest panelists Jeff Vogel of EY – Parthenon and Eric Mersch of FLG Partners. Listen to this webinar to hear why managing R&D ROI is a top-down/bottom-up exercise—starting with KPIs. Understand why your R&D investments should integrate with your go-to-market strategy and execution and why you should fully integrate customer engagement and feedback into your product roadmap. Why use benchmarks to understand if you are above or below and why.

Pivoting to SaaS: Best Practices, Lessons Learned, and Case Examples

Join Lauren Kelley, CEO, and Founder of OPEXEngine, for this FLG Partners hosted seminar examining business model pivots to SaaS across different types of technology businesses from software to hardware and cybersecurity. Learn from an experienced panel of industry experts as they discuss the critical decision making, operational planning priorities, and market reactions to successful (and failed) transitions into SaaS models.

How Improving the Gender Gap and Diversity Strengthens Entrepreneurship, Growth and Employment at Tech Companies

In this webinar, OPEXEngine CEO Lauren Kelley was joined by guest moderator Susanne Althoff, author of Launching While Female, and a distinguished panel of founders, CEOs, partners, and entrepreneurs for a lively discussion that focuses on how tech companies can create a more inclusive and diverse environment, across all departments, for people of color and female entrepreneurs and executives.


Leveraging the Right Benchmarks to Drive Business Outcomes in 2021 and Beyond

In this webinar recording, hear from OPEXEngine CEO, Lauren Kelley and Espresso Capital Managing Director, Will Hutchins as they discuss leveraging benchmarking to drive business outcomes in 2021 and beyond.

SaaS Financial Planning: Forecasting and financial modeling in the midst of the unbelievable current and future uncertainty

Join us for a lively discussion of what’s happening in SaaS financial planning right now. Jason Lin, CFO of Centage and Lauren Kelley, CEO of OPEXEngine will share what they are hearing from SaaS and Software Finance executives about what they are doing to plan for the second half of 2020 and prepare for 2021 planning.

SaaS Conversations with Lauren Kelley is a monthly webinar series that looks at the various benchmarks and metrics your SaaS business needs to know to significantly improve operational performance.

Covid-19 Business Impact on SaaS and Software Companies

Bain and OPEXEngine have recently collaborated on an in-depth survey of SaaS and Software executives, with the objective of gaining an understanding both of the impact and actions these companies are taking in response to the current business environment.

Pros and Cons of Growing a Canadian SaaS Company- Perspectives from an experienced Canadian Software CEO & Founder

Learn about the business advantages and differences building a Canadian SaaS company or office of a US company. Join Lauren Kelley, CEO and founder of OPEXEngine and Neil Wainwright, CEO of UpHabit, previously Nexonia, as they discuss the pros and cons of the Canadian SaaS scene.

Working Remotely as Finance Professionals – Best Practices During the COVID-19 Crisis

During the Covid-19 crisis we are all learning to work differently with remote teams. What are the best practices, and proven techniques to managing Finance remotely?

Building a Culture of Metrics with Mike Volpe, from HubSpot to Cybereason to Lola.com

Fast growth SaaS companies have to build a culture of metrics and financial competency throughout the organization, to effectively fire on all cylinders. Everyone in the company, from Marketing through R&D and every part of the organization in between, needs to understand how their job contributes to the financial performance of the company, and what the company’s KPIs really mean to their job.

SaaS 2020: Are Next-Gen Technologies Reducing SaaS Cost of Service?

Super-fast technologies are making it easier and cheaper to deliver and scale SaaS. Lauren Kelley, CEO and founder of OPEXEngine, has an in-depth discussion with Feyzi Fatehi, CEO of Corent Technologies, which was named by the Gartner Group a “cool vendor” for its SaaS-enablement Platform as a Service. Feyzi is an SIIA Board Member and sought-after thought leader on SaaS technologies.

Benchmarking Your Company – The Why and How

Companies use benchmarking to fine-tune their budgeting and planning, improve communications and target-setting with company management, and set context with investors and stake-holders. Do you have specific questions about benchmarking metrics you want answers to? Watch this on demand webinar with Lauren Kelley and Eric Mersch as they answer all your benchmarking questions. Interested in the slide presentation? Download it here.

SaaS Sales Planning Benchmarks

InsightSquared partnered with OPEXEngine to track key SaaS sales metrics and survey peers to benchmark optimal performance. How do you stack up? Watch this on-demand webinar with Lauren Kelley, CEO and founder of OPEXEngine, and Paul Fitzgerald, CFO of InsightSquared. They’ll discuss key SaaS sales insights and metrics like sales expense, sales headcount, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), retention rates, and Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC).

Are You Getting What You Need from R&D Spend?

On average, SaaS companies don’t get a reliable return on R&D spending. This is a problem because product development is central to SaaS business models.

Download the slide deck here.

How to Build Out the Finance Function as SaaS Companies Grow

As your SaaS company grows, do you know which stage to start building out the Finance function? The Finance function is pivotal to determine the KPIs, as well as how Finance, SalesOps, and BizOps each contribute to the overall growth of a SaaS company.

Download the slides here.

How Sales and SalesOps Metrics Drive SaaS Financial Performance in 2019

Driving revenue and revenue growth is one of the most important factors in the financial performance of a SaaS business, so getting the sales metrics right is critical.

Click here to download the webinar slides.

SaaS Finance and Sales – Planning, Processes + Best Practices

Does sales understand how decisions impact SaaS unit economics and how can finance support decision making? Eric Stephenson from Domo and Lauren Kelley will discuss SaaS Finance & Sales – Planning, Processes + Best Practices and how cross-team collaboration can drive effective sales spend.

COGS – What’s In and What’s Out

COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) is a key metric to measure how well a company can scale and how much money is available for operating expenses. COGS – What’s In and What’s Out looks at current practices and thoughts around SaaS COGS from a public company perspective.

SaaS CFO Perspectives: Scaling Your Business Systems to Support Growth

SaaS CFO Eric Mersch (Percolate and FLG Partners) and OpFocus CEO David Carnes discuss the people, processes and systems required to scale your information systems as you grow from $20M ARR to $200M ARR.